Apply for CPD Maternity Leave


This is the online application form needed to apply for the exemption of CPD points. A member will be permitted to apply for exemption in the following cases:

  • If you are expecting a baby
  • If you are adopting a baby
  • If your wife is expecting a baby

After receiving approval from the SAPIK board, the following will be applicable to the member:

  •  The SAPIK member will need to obtain 15 CPD points total for the year that the baby is born, and is thus exempted of 11 CPD points;
  • Of these 15 CPD points, 6 points must be Ethics points.

This application form needs to be completed in the year that the baby is born. No applications will be accepted in the next year.

* Field is mandatory

Please complete the fields below:

The following documents should be attached:

• The birth certificate and / or other relevant documentation, which can confirm the birth of your baby
• Learning Activity Record Form of the previous year, up to the date of the application.