About Us

The South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (SAPIK) is a non-profit professional organization representing the interests of Kinderkinetics across South Africa.

SAPIK is therefore the professional home of Kinderkineticists in South Africa where the professional behaviour of Kinderkineticists are regulated by registration.

SAPIK is dedicated to the advancement of the Kinderkinetics profession and the improvement of services to the consumer and take pride in representing the profession. This Professional body was established in 2002 with the support of various academic training institutions and qualified members of this profession in order to set up a quality control mechanism to guide the profession but also to protect the public.       

Education and Training

Kinderkinetics in South Africa is offered at various educational institutions in the country.

The two Universities presenting the qualification in Kinderkinetics are as follow:

North-West University

At the North-West University there are currently two ways in which an individual can qualify as a Kinderkineticist, both are given below. The first being the 3+1 model and the second a 4-year professional degree in Biokinetics with specialisation in Kinderkinetics.

Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours in Human Movement Sciences WITH Kinderkinetics

APS: 24

Bachelor of Health Sciences

  • The results achieved in four designated subjects plus two NSC subjects will be taken into consideration.
  • The results achieved in Life orientation will not be taken into account;
  • Language requirement: A pass mark of 50-59%(level 4) in the language of teaching and learning concerning home language or first additional language level;

A student must hold a full Matriculation exemption certificate and an average pass mark of 60%

Stellenbosch University

The Stellenbosch University follows the 3+1 model.

BA (Sport Science) or BSc (Sport Science) degree

BScHons (Sport Science, Specialisation: Performance Sport or Specialisation: Kinder Kinetics)

Credit value: 20

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Science (BA (Sport Science))

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) or school-leaving certificate of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) as certified by Umalusi with a mark of at least 4 in each of four recognised school subjects with a credit value of 20;
  • An average percentage for the NSC or the IEB school-leaving certificate (excluding Life Orientation) of 60%
  • Home Language (Afrikaans or English) code 4 (50%);
  • First Additional Language code 3

Please note that the above mentioned information has been taken from each University site and is subject to change.

For more information on a specific University’s programme please visit their website or
contact their programme leader.

  • North West University Potchefstroom
    Programme leader: Prof. Dané Coetzee
    dane.coetzee@nwu.ac.za or 018 299 1792
  • Stellenbosch University
    Programme leader: Dr. Eileen Africa
    africa@sun.ac.za or 021 808 4591